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There has been an extraordinary reaction to a couple of articles by Max Du Preez and Magnus Heystack, recently published on Moneyweb. Perhaps you have seen them, but goodness knows I have had enough calls in this regard. Both articles seek to convey the message that RSA is on the edge of a political precipice, almost to the point of no return. This morning Moneyweb, I think to their credit, published an article by Ryk van Niekerk, echoing an entirely different view. While the former two pieces were highly charged, emotive articles, the latter was more sedate and well balanced. 

Make no error, there is much to be said for the content of what Max and Magnus had to say. Particularly for those of us who grew up in the “Old South Africa”, much of it is somewhere in our worst fears. But for me, it was all a little one-sided.

Ryk, on the other hand, talks about the rotten leadership RSA has had throughout much of her history and the lurching from crisis to crisis, but managing to keep going all the while, in spite of ourselves and the leaders we seem to elect.

I am not perfect in terms of remaining objective, sometimes lamenting the parlous state of our poor country, particularly lately, but somewhere deep inside is a belief in something I have said to myself for a long time: “we managed to survive the Nats and we will survive the ANC”. 

For the sake of convenience, I attach the URL for Mr van Niekerk’s article. Give it a read, it is worthwhile.  

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